Business Content

3D Printing Service
It began the 3D printer output services. By the method and materials , modeling time , the price will change. Please contact us for more information.
CT Scanning Service
We started the CT scan contract services. Please use , such as a product of non-destructive inspection and castings of quality assurance. Please contact us for more information.
Sale of purchased products
Electric & electronic parts, machinery & tools, measuring devices, OA devices, scientific products, electric chemical materials, adhesives, plastic parts, various sub-materials, meter accessories, raw materials (metal, rubber, synthetic resin, etc.)
Development, design and production
Design, development, modification, assembly and installation of mechatronics OA software development, established own system, order taking/placing & inventory control system, development of jigs and prototypes for medical research & application
Medical treatment and care
For CT, MRI and ultrasound
Prototype and production of patient`s accessories and parts
CT simulator
Development of system mechatronics for CT simulator
CT angiography
Development of system mechatronics for CT angiography

Development & manufacture of Heart Motion Phantom Other special order system, development of experiment equipment, development/prototype/production of patient care product, free format, etc.
Inport, export and investigation
Control of parts inventory & delivery, export of products, sale of imported products, investigation of overseas product inventory and purchase
Products of ENTRELEC and ABB
This is a demo movie that uses our products.

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